Convotherm maxx pro

Its premium finish makes it robust, durable and a feast for the eyes. Whether used by a kitchen chef or constantly changing team members, they can all achieve first-class cooking and baking results with the Convotherm maxx pro.

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Discover the combi-steamer maxx pro.

  • Internet Connection

  • 10 inch TFT Hi-Res. display

  • Natural Smart Climate

  • Advanced Closed System

  • Disappearing door


Perfectly balanced temperature in the oven chamber thanks to the ACS+ closed system.

Up to 399 pre-programmed recipes.

Prepare your dishes and keep warm for up to hours without compromising quality.

The color touch screen guarantees intuitive operation. All recipes can be linked to a pictogram that visualizes the dish so that one touch on this pictogram immediately starts the correct preparation method. Ideal for untrained staff.

Function with moisture removal for perfectly crisp products.

5 levels of dehumidification

Adjustable fan – 5 speeds

load management for several products at once (manual mode)

Baking function with five different levels.

The powerful and durable LED light strip is integrated into the appliance door and optimally illuminates the interior.

With the help of the adjustable legs, the maxx pro is always perfectly balanced.

Serveer grote hoeveelheden met perfecte kwaliteit, allemaal tegelijk.


Set up your own cleaning program and start it with one tap

Cleaning in just 38 minutes, thorough rinsing in just five minutes

Plan your cleaning times in advance

The handles and all manually operated contact points are made of antibacterial and antimicrobial plastics. This reduces the multiplication of microorganisms throughout the life of the device.

The Convotherm maxx pro is equipped with a function for reliable and economical steam sterilization of kitchen utensils. Thoroughly cleaned utensils and other heat-resistant kitchenware can be easily placed in the device and safely sterilized using the 30-minute automatic steam cleaning program at 130°C.


ConvoClean also ensures maximum safety because there is no contact with chemicals when starting the cleaning process. In addition, the cleaning fluids are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The Convotherm maxx pro is certified for unattended cleaning.

The Convotherm maxx pro is protected against the ingress of splashing water. This prevents contamination of the inside of the unit by cleaning agents or disinfectants, even if the working environment is intensively disinfected. The housing is particularly resistant to conventional cleaning agents.

The robust triple glazing minimizes heat losses – for lower energy consumption and a high degree of safety and environmental friendliness.

For HACCP and pasteurization figures


In the modern kitchen, a wealth of data and information is generated – providing the perfect basis for optimal analysis, evaluation and planning of all kitchen processes. kitchenconnect® provides customized and clearly targeted online remote access to this device data – cloud-based and secure.

The intelligent smoking option ConvoSmoke transforms the Convotherm maxx pro into an ideal smoker – without the need for additional space. The perfect solution for both cold and the popular hot smoking.

Whether it’s the ever-popular chicken or delicious crispy crackling: with ConvoGrill, the new Convotherm maxx pro enables you to achieve perfect grilling results time after time – and work faster, more cost-effectively and more environmentally consciously thanks to an intelligent fat management system.

Inspired by the masters of their trade: the Convotherm maxx pro BAKE combines traditional baking knowledge with the modern principles of the combi oven. The result is that you can always offer fresh pastries, snacks and small dishes of the best quality.

The Convotherm maxx pro ConvoSense embodies the future of automated cooking and baking. With its artificial intelligence and advanced sensor technology, the innovative ConvoSense assistance system opens up completely new perspectives in food preparation. No manual input and no training required. For maximum efficiency and reliable results.

Retractable door for more space and operational safety.

For safe steam and vapor removal.

Voor veilige stoom- en dampverwijdering


Different variants of bases available.

More flexibility and possibilities with two stacked convotherm maxx pros.

DevapoClean for the automatic cleaning system and DevapoCare for optimal life of the maxx pro. To be built in under the stacking kit.

Condensation hood with grease and odor filter

Chemicals practically and conveniently stored in the pull-out of the stacking set and connected to the maxx pro.

Guides are suitable for the use of EU trays as well as GN trays.

A sneak preview.


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