Merrychef conneX

The Merrychef conneX range is the fastest and most compact high-speed oven on the market. An intuitive touchscreen makes the Merrychef conneX very user-friendly and controllable by almost everyone. With KitchenConnect, you always have access to your high-speed oven, even when you’re not on site. You can create, change and update your menus and see how your equipment is being used, wherever you are!

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Discover the Merrychef conneX

  • Innovative range of high-speed ovens, ideally suited to petrol and bake-off shops

  • Compact, streamlined and stylish

  • With KitchenConnect© you are always connected to your high speed oven, wherever you are

  • Up to 80% faster than a convection oven

  • Intuitive touch screen with simple icons, can be operated by almost anyone



Intuitive touch screen operation, control in icons and pictures for optimal user-friendliness.

Tri-pleX technology offers maximum performance and guarantees even cooking of food, without wasting energy. Tri-pleX technology combines microwave with convection and pressure (impingement).

Choose from 100 delicious pre-programmed recipes. From paninis to roast potatoes. These recipes have been compiled and tested by chefs and offer a consistent menu of high-quality hot dishes.

The fully flexible programming allows you to set the temperature, time, fan power and microwave power individually when creating a recipe. The storage for recipes is unlimited.

After connection in the Merrychef conneX, it is immediately ready for use as no external suction is required.

The oven is equipped as standard with a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection that provides access to the leading open cloud platform KitchenConnect©. You can create, change and update menus and see how your equipment works and is used, wherever you are. The first twelve months you will have a free KitchenConnect© subscription.

The built-in catalytic converter makes an external extraction unnecessary.

  • Flat baking tray
  • Oven scoop with protection and side walls
  • Full-size baking tray
  • Cooling sink
  • Coaster for hotplate


And seamless rounded corners in the oven chamber.

Stainless steel housing for a long service life.

Different coloured accessories for fish, meat, vegetarian, allergens or general for safe and hygienic working.


For error recognition and error description.

Quick cool down function so that the oven can be cleaned by the staff after use.

Access to data storage via KitchenConnect© or an external USB.


Choice of conneX 12 and conneX 16.

Choice of 15 or 20 times faster cooking with the Merrychef conneX 12.

With CEE angled connector 1.5 m (5 x 2.5 mm2).

Recessed black design makes it ideal for front cooking.

A look into the kitchen.

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