careconceptLine built-in convection oven Smartfit

Devapo has especially designed the careconceptLine built-in convection oven Smartfit for a professional way of regeneration or baking of ready meals/ prepared food or other convenience products. This unique built-in convection oven has a very user friendly and functional control panel. By two acts (selecting the desired time and temperature) a guaranteed and consistent end result will be obtained.

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Discover the careconceptLine Smartfit.

  • Wide range of built-in convection ovens, designed for small and large size assisted living facilities and wards ( single plated meals, multi-portions or GN pans)

  • Functional and easy to use

  • Very high reliability with long life span expectation

  • Safe and ergonomic



A simple control system with dials so the Smartfit can be operated by untrained or inexperienced personnel.

A built-in timer to start the cooking process so the oven chamber can be loaded at any time.

Instantly set or change the temperature for complete control over the cooking process.

An alarm at the end of the program so that other work can be done in the meantime.

The Smartfit is equipped with a roll-in roll-out system which allows easy access to the electrical compartment. This allows service and maintenance to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Lighting in the oven chamber provides a perfect view of the products so that the cooking process can be easily controlled.

For constant equal heating in the oven chamber so that all products are exposed to exactly the same temperature.

The integrated condenser ensures the destruction of residual steam in the oven chamber.


The sleek design with the optical hardcoat display with LED lighting makes the smartfit an addition in any kitchen.

The smartfit is made entirely of stainless steel so it cannot be affected by liquids during cooking, by cleaning agents or by maintenance products.

Liquids cannot possibly escape the furnace chamber, so the Smartfit’s surroundings always remain clean.


The CE certification proves that the Smartfit complies with the applicable rules within the EEA (European Economic Area).

Because the heat in the Smartfit is perfectly insulated there is a low ambient temperature. The environment of the Smartfit therefore remains safe.

The doorlock system prevents the door of the Smartfit from being accidentally opened during, or after the cooking process.


Depending on the working environment, the doorway can be placed either on the left, or on the right side.


Input guide system of choice for the preparation of baking and regeneration products.

  • Standard, for person portions
  • SG, for multiportions

View specifications for the number and distances of the conductors.

This robust Smartfit grid is made of stainless steel, with tilt protection and end stop for your products.

View specifications for the sizes and number of grids per type.

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