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Convotherm combi-steamer C4

The ideal combi-steamer for every way of use

  • Wide range of fully equipped combi-steamers, made for all cooking activities with perfect end-results
  • Unique design, ideal for front-cooking
  • Functional fully automatic control with choice between easyTouch and easyDial user interfaces
  • Unrivalled reliability and ease of use
  • Minimal operational cost (water, energy, cleaning products)


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Discover the Convotherm combi-steamer C4.

Anyone who has ever worked with Convotherm knows: Convotherm convinces with leading solutions for improved cooking options for all your food. With the Devapo motto:” Making cooking easy” all our equipment meet your requirements and ambitions. Convotherm radiates style in your production kitchen. Top technology, ease of use and hygiene are recognized at first sight, thanks tot he simplicity of its design. All models have the same intuitive logic of control: a real plus for the hectic daily hussle and bussle in the gastronomy. The result is a combination of functional flexibility and universal design, which is completely new in this product segment. Behind every Convotherm hides a lot of passion. The sheer perfection, creativity and practical collaboration brings you even more success. The Convotherm combi-steamers C4 consist of a wide range of high value combi-steamers, made for cooking, steaming, poaching baking, grilling, braising and regenerating. Extraordinary technologies like Advanced Closed System, Crisp&Tasty, VST ( optional), regeneration mode make Convotherm combi-steamer C4 unique in its class.


  • Loading trolley GN included (only 12.20, 20.10, 20.20)
  • Automatic roll-up hand shower
  • ConvoClean + fully automatic cleaning system with economical, standard and express modes
  • ACS + Advanced Closed System™ patented optimal preparation and saving system, which means faster and more economical
  • Crisp&Tasty™, 5 levels of dehumidification
  • BakePro™ 5 levels for an optimal baing result
  • HumidityPro™ 5 levels of humidification
  • Variable fan speed 5 levels
  • Ethernet/LAN interface (only with easyTouch™ control)
  • Press&Go™ + automatic hot key operation (only with easyTouch™)
  • Prepare Traytimer loading system for cooking different food products at the same time (only with easyTouch™)
  • Cook&Hold automatic Hold program after cooking (only with easyTouch™)
  • 99 Cooking programs with 9 selection steps
  • USB port integrated in control panel
  • Right hinged door
  • Core temerature probe multipoint


  • Available in different capacities and dimensions
  • Choice between electrical power or gas power
  • Choice between easyTouch™ or easyDial™
  • Choice between integrated boiler or direct injection
  • Available in Bake version

  • Dissapearing door for more space and personal safety
  • Left hinged door
  • ConvoSmoke, cold smoking function on steam valve (only available with electrical models)
  • Built-in condensation function on steam pipe (not suitable for grill work)
  • Special connection voltage
  • Black edition
  • Marine use (only electrical models)


  • EN/BM conductors
  • Trolley
  • Trolley system
  • Thermal cover for keeping warm during transport
  • Base, 14 pairs of guides, height 675mm
  • Base closed on 3 sides including 2 revolving doors and 14 pairs of guides, height 675mm
  • Elevation module, height 272 mm to place on a base to increase working height
  • Stacking kit set
  • Convovent 4 condensation extractor hood (only electrical version)
  • Convovent 4+ condensation extractor hood with complete filtering system (only electrical version)
  • Water filter system Brita for limescale removal before machine inlet (only with water and supply connection set)
  • Gas connection set, including gas power breaker
  • Electric 400VAC connection set 5 x 2,5/4/16/25 mm2
  • Water and supply connection set
  • Cleaning agents

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