“Their service is unique! When urgent, they will act immediately and always support in a kind and professional way.”

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“Devapo equipment is robust and manufactured according to high quality standards.”

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“Devapo is really involved. They really pay attention to our requirements and concerns.”

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About us.

The power of Devapo.

With more than 20 years of experience, Devapo has become an expert authority in the field of food processing. With our wide range of products, systems and concepts, we offer solutions fort he Care and Cure sector, Gastronomy, Industry and Retail.

Our Mission.

Devapo is highly driven by innovation and works passionately on complete and customized solutions for the food service industry in health and elderly care, gastronomy, food production and retail. Our goal is to be the best partner for our customers. That’s why we pay a lot of attention on the development of our team members, to ensure that together with you we can achieve optimal results, Just as it should be.

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Our market segments.


Our Involvement.

Commitment towards people who need care is key in the Healthcare and the Elderly Care sector. Looking for the right mix between a personal “customized” approach and optimal product and customer service; measurable and transparant. With our specially designed Care Concept Line and HotAir product ranges; distinctive in safety, ease of use and durability we aspire to total alleviation.


Choice for authenticity.

The changing consumer constantly has higher/different demands in the gastronomy sector. Eating paterns, development in healthy food awareness, pure and genuine taste, convenience and real authenticity of the business determines the flow and interest of the customer. Our Gastronomy Line and Convotherm range provides like no other the utmost in design, speed and quality.


Endeavour for maximum output.

When you require the highest demands for continuity in your production process and maximum output at the lowest possible operational cost, than Devapo proposes its “Heavy Duty” Industrial Line range as the sole option. Full process management is normal for you, but also for us! Collaboration and partnership come first when looking at the set goals, always, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


Fast and delicious.

Every where and always access to food. Due to our busy life style, customers are quickly tempted to buy a quick meal or snack. At street-food markets, petrol stations, shop-in-shop, supermarkets, Food-to-go formulas etc. Food retail is increasing rapidly which requires a flexible solution. With the Merrychef High Speed ovens we offer the ultimate solution with unrivalled speed and precision.

Our brands.

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