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The new standard in food processing

With more than 20 years of experience, Devapo has become an expert authority in the field of food processing. With our wide range of products, systems and concepts, we offer solutions for the Care sector, Gastronomy, Industry and Retail.


Devapo is highly driven by innovation and works passionately on complete and customized solutions for the food service industry in health and elderly care, gastronomy, food production and retail. Our goal is to be the best partner for our customers. That’s why we pay a lot of attention on the development of our team members, to ensure that together with you we can achieve optimal results, Just as it should be.


Food preparation has a great influence on its end quality. Devapo knows this like no other and wants to create more awareness for this. We want to set the new standard: The best food preparation for an optimal result. Every day we work with dedication on the most innovative solutions to increase the end quality of food.

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Meet the team

The driving force behind Devapo.

Thanks to our transparent organization and cooperation culture, we stimulate the personal development of our team members and to care of the right spirit. Sharing knowledge and teamwork are of key importance: That’s why every team member can grow his potential and work with passion on Devapo products and services.

Quality - Devapo stands for quality.

With our professional service and sustainable way of working, we aim to provide the highest quality in food processing. By using new technologies, we can ensure that quality will increase.

Development - Eyes on the future.

Devapo distinguishes itself by recognizing market growth and potential en really make a difference. Through innovation and detection we always manage to find the right solution where a bespoke approach is of major importance.

Service: Always prepared to go the extra mile.

The Devapo service team only consists of experienced and certified engineers, who proactively work at maintenance and servicing in general, which is more efficient and saves the customer extra cost. For possible malfunctions or worse, Devapo is 24/7 stand-by and has engineers available, which is highly appreciated by customers that have a 24/7 business. For us a customer is like a partner, that can rely on our presence and competence. Just like it should be.

Integrity: The basis van reliability.

Integrity is for Devapo not just a punch line, but a starting point for everything we do. Regardless if it is about the presence and competence of the team, customer service or the end result the is coming out of the customer’s oven; everything starts and ends with professionality and transparency. The customer should not settle for less.

Passion - Having heart for the matter.

At Devapo team spirit is a given, but every single colleague with his / her task and expertise, realizes well that the interest of the customer is the interest of our company. Working with unique, top quality products is one of the motivations, because the whole team can rely blindly on a consistent performance.

Committment - Attention to every detail.

Starting from the first contact with the customer until far after commissioning, we pay constant and precise attention to the ambitions of our customer/partner. Whether it is about consulting, a tight schedule, support during implementation or a “total care” solution, at Devapo we customize the collaboration with our customers.

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